Wednesday, September 16, 2015


The creative genius who creates game changers for the taste makers. ALEXANDERJOHN  We ask our friend what he carries on his day journey. Left to Right- Iphone 6, ALEXANDERJOHN Collection SnapBack, Paint Brushes, Laser engraved tags and engravings on shoes by Danger Awesome, POLYMATH EXPERIENCE by ALEXANDERJOHN x PUMA.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Last Friday we got to experience The "POLY MATH EXPERIMENT" a collaboration by ALEXANDERJOHN x PUMA  POLY MATH EXPERIMENT is based on the entrepreneur culture that made America what is and what it continues to be. A polymath is a person that has knowledge in many different fields and uses it to solve a problem.

In today's society that’s a normal thing with many of us being Bloggers, Photographers, Graphic Designers and more at the same time! ALEXANDERJOHN flew to Boston to work on this project with a team of Scientist, Artist, Engineers, Animators, and Architects who have all come together to make this project happen. They all work at a company called Danger Awesome that serves as a collaborative space and houses multiple 3D printing machines, Laser Engraving Machines and a CNC Machine as well.

With Their expertise and help ALEXANDERJOHN was able to present the Worlds first collaboration with PUMA between and a Custom Sneaker Artist to release in a store! Each shoe is laser engraved in 5 places. The process to make this wasn’t easy, each shoe was hand turned and the image had to be resized to fit the space every time we put a new shoe in the machine Making each pair unique! ALEXANDERJOHN worked around the clock with Laser Technicians who on their day jobs are much more than that! ALEXANDERJOHN felt as if he was getting smarter by the minute! The team completed 24 pairs in 4 days and the team couldn’t be happier with the outcome. 

ALEXANDERJOHN also did a live art installation and shoe launch at the PUMA store in KING of PRUSSIA MALL in Philadelphia on Friday September 4th. There are only 24 pairs available in store and online as well. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015


We had the opportunity to capture sneaker culture at LACEDSNEAKER SHOW this past weekend in Newark, Delaware. The show was intense with alot of little hustlers moving deadstock kicks. Amazing to see how the culture has grown here in Delaware. Proud of LACEDSNEAKER team for putting this show on for the culture. Big ups to the sponsors. Retro Fitness, Villa, & 87ers.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Duffy’s Hope, founded in 1998 by Allen “Duffy” Samuels, is a service provider for at-risk and hard to reach teens ages 12-17 years old, and has changed the lives of over 4,500 youth. Duffy’s Hope, Inc. envisions a world where youth take control of their lives by empowering themselves with positive thoughts, goals, and good choices.
Photography by Andre' Wright Jr. & Joe Gilson  

Monday, July 27, 2015


Power isn't everything it's the only thing when it comes to great portable chargers from Charged Concepts. Charged Concepts understands lifestyle and innovative design but strongly believes that having reserve power on the go for your portable electronic devices should not be forced or boring battery packs. Combining simplicity, convenience and portable function, Charged Concepts has three designs (CONTOUR-AURA-SLATE) that comes with 25 to 32 hours of additional talk time. In addition an extension cord, input 5v/ 1A mico USB and output 5v/ 2.1 USB port. Ideal for when your at the office, traveling, hiking or in a hotel room, Charged Concepts devices arrives in many colorways, the contour comes in blue, black or magenta. The Aura comes pink, orange, yellow, blue and green. The slate comes in black, blue and pink. Priced from $49.99 to $59.99 USD.

Available now at Charged Concepts 

Friday, July 10, 2015


Great article written about me pertaining to the shooting that happen back in April. I am truly blessed to still be here and get my story across. Hopefully this will start a movement and make change in Wilmington DE. I want to thank family and friends for being there for me as I go through this struggle. That keeps me strong and moving forward towards my dreams. I'm taking it one day at a time and will come back stronger then ever. Also big thanks to my KING DOM for writing this amazing story. You are a true writer. Blessing.

Read more at Delawareonline


A couple weeks back. We at Color Of Life teamed up with @IGDELAWARE to conduct a STREETMEETDE. With our combined movements working in partnership this is the first of many projects we'll be working on to continuously pushing the art behind the creative community. So take a look at some of the images we captured and enjoy. Stay tune for the next one as we still promote positive energy. Thanks to all the photographers that showed up. We had fun.

Photography by Andre' Wright Jr. -Joe Gilson & Janice Jester

Saturday, May 2, 2015


"Connecting communities through Visual movements & Sound"

COLOR OF LIFE Branding is proud to announce our first ever collaboration with our family @IGDELAWARE

We will be holding a #STREETMEETDE at selected stops in Wilmington, DE 6/27/2015. in celebration of our communities joining together.

With our combined movements working in partnership this is the first of many projects we'll be working on to continuously pushing the art behind the creative community.

Flyer Design & Sound Design by @atchlei

Official Hashtag #streetmeetDE
@coloroflife #coloroflifephoto
@igdelaware #igdelaware

Sunday, March 1, 2015


We had the opportunity of working with Kolb on a photo-shoot when he was in the rap group "FREE AGENTS". He brought nothing but laughter and good energy to the set. R.I.P Kolb

Thanks to @king_dom302 for letting me submit my image to the @delawareonline to show my love.

Read more at Delawareonline

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Come Clean Soap x Color Of Life Collaboration

Teaming up with Come Clean Soap stay tune... Cleanness is next to Godliness  


Streetsnaps: Atchlei
Wilmington, Delaware

Book Cover Photography: DEAR FATHER by J ivy

We got commissioned by Beyond Book Publishing to photographed the cover of "DEAR FATHER: The cycle of pain by J. IVY. 

 J. Ivy is a true pioneer and trendsetter who’s bridged the worlds of hip-hop and poetry through his appearances on HBO’s Def Poetry and his collaborations with Kanye West and Jay-Z. But throughout his success, he carried with him the pain of being abandoned by his father and growing up in the tough neighborhoods of Chicago’s South Side.

So he sat down with pen and paper and processed his pain the only way he knew how—through poetry. The resulting poem, Dear Father, became his vehicle of forgiveness and healing. It is a pivotal poem that has touched and inspired the lives of millions.

Fused with his signature raw lyricism and street consciousness, J. Ivy’s memoir shows what it takes to deal with your emotions before your emotions deal with you. His story is personal yet universal, and will inspire others to channel whatever pain they have experienced into their own powerful gift of expression. Support Greatness.......